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Mount Athos


Description: The third peninsula of Halkidiki. This peninsula rising from the clear blue-green waters to 2.033 meters at its peak is surrounded by the mysteries of time. It was founded in 885 and given to the Church by Basil the 1st, but it was 80 years later, before -the first monastery was built. Approximately 100 years later it was decreeted that no «smooth face» i.e. female could set foot on the holy ground, this law still being in force nowadays. But Ladies, you can still enjoy the beauty and the sensation during one of the most fun filled days of your holiday by taking a cruise around the land of Athos; you can witness the landscape that has hardly altered from the beginning of time. We cruise on board of a first class boat with all comforts. This is the ideal way to top up the tan, as you know that at the sea you always get that deeper tan. See you on board for a fun day out.

Program: 07:30 Starts the pick up from Kassandra

08:15 Starts the pick up from Sithonia

09:15 Arrival in Ormos Panagias Port

09:30 Starts the cruise Sail to MT. Athos. Our guests can clearly see the monasteries as they are just 100m from the ship. While sailing there is a guide explaining the history and giving information about the monasteries Dohiariou, Xenofontos, Dionysiou, Simon Petras, Panteleimonos or Russian, Limani Dafnis, Grigoriou, Pavlou Nea Skiti, Ag. Annas. The information are given in Greek, German and English language.

13:30 Stop in Ouranoupolis town for about 1.5 hours. There are several tavernas, Greek art shops where you can buy souvenirs or even reproductions of beautiful byzantine icons.

16:00 Sailing for Ormos Panagias port.

16:45 Arrive at Ormos Panagias port.Get the bus.

18:30 Back to Sithonia 19:30 Back to Kassandra


Description: It is fascinating to visit the cave of Petralona with its interesting stalactites and stalagmites and a collection of every day tools of archaic man. It is one of the most important caves of paleonthological interest. The cave acquired international renown in 1960, when the skull of a 25-year old woman, is believed to be 700.000 years old, was discovered and also bones of various animals like bears, hyenas, rhinoceros, etc. have been found.
There where also traces of fire found which are said to be the earliest known controlled fires on earth.

08:00 Starts the pick up from Sithonia
– first stop 08:15 Starts the pick up from Kassandra
– first stop 09:00 Arrival in Nea Moudania and then drive to Petralona Cave
09:30 Petralona Cave sightseeing 11:00
Departure from Petralona Cave to Nea Moudania
11:30 Arrival in Nea Moudania. Free time to go to the market and visit the Fishing Boats Museum
14:00 Departure from Nea Moudania back to resorts
Tomb Vergina


Description: We will visit Dion where our guests can visit the archaeological site. Last stop Vergina, where you can admire the excavations of the Royal Tombs, one of which is believed to belong to Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.

Program: 7:45-8.30 Pick up from the hotels.

8.30 Departure from N. Moudania

9.30 Arrival at Thessaloniki – pick up the guide

10.15 Coffee Break 10.40 Departure for Dion.

11.10 Arrival at Dion. Visit to the archeological site. Dion, the sacred city of the Macedonians, lies at the foothills of M. Olympus in an area of inexhaustible natural charm. Extensive archeological excavations have been conducted by the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and have brought to light excellent monuments inside and outside of the city: a vaulted Macedonian tomb, sanctuaries, theaters, a stadium where Olympic games were organized, the Great Baths complex, shops and workshops, the odeion, an early Christian Basilica, residences, the so called ‘’villa of Dionysus’’ with a superb mosaic and a large number of statues, inscriptions, offerings, vessels and other findings that grace the museum. The Macedonians used to gather at Dion to honor the Olympian Gods with sacrifices and offerings. There Philip II celebrated his glorious victories and Alexander the Great, starting out his expedition, sacrificed to Olympian Zeus.

12.30 Departure to Vergina

13.30 Arrival at Vergina

13.45 – 14.45 Visit to the Tombs – Museum of Vergina Vergina, in ancient times called Aigai, was the ancient capital of Macedonia where in 1977 Royal tombs came to light full of exceptional treasures. The most impressive is the one that belonged to Philip II, king of Macedon in the 4th c. B.C. and father of Alexander the Great. Gold wreathes, silver vessels, weapons, ivory – gold and glass decorated couches as well as the gold larnax (chest) containing the relics of the king himself are some of the many treasures of the tomb that are displayed in a unique museum for its atmosphere, philosophy and lay out, a perfect combination of archeological site and museum at the same time. Next to Philip’s, the tomb of the prince equal to richness was found, the son of Alexander the Great. Apart from the tombs a palace also came to light, workshops, part of the ancient city, a theater, a temple and several other tombs even from the prehistoric period.

15.00-16.00 Lunch at local restaurant


Description: A highlight of your stay in Greece will be a visit to the Meteora monasteries. Meteora is the geological miracle, which must be seen to be believed! Experts believe it all started in the Paleocene age, lasting 30 million years. There are many theories that forward regarding its formation, but most agreed upon one: that the terrain moved and the towers also moved apart leaving one of the most amazing feats of nature seen anywhere on this Earth. Even more amazing is man himself. For on top of the towers and that is the only way to describe these wonders, man built Monasteries. Amazingly it only took 2 years to build one of the Monasteries, as there are old records that testify these facts, but it took 20 years to get all the supplies to the top before this could happen. Six monasteries are preserved; four of them are still inhabited. We shall visit two of the fabulous monasteries, perched high upon the steep rocks. Each monastery possesses a vast richness of frescoes and icons. “If there was one wonder of the world, this is it. No where on this planet will you see the equal of Meteora.” Important notice: for entering the monasteries, appropriate clothing is required. Ladies must not wear short skirts and must have long sleeved shirts.Gentlemen should wear long trouserw.


05:30 Starts the pick up from Sithonia – first stop

05:50 Starts the pick up from Kassandra – first stop

06:45 Arrival to Nea Moudania. 09:00 ½ hour stop for coffee 11:30 ½ hour stop to an icons shop

12:15 Visit of two Greek monasteries. Approximately 2 hours

14:15 Kalambaka village. Stay for about 1 hour. Free Time.

15:30 Departure from Kalambaka 18:30 Arrival in Thessaloniki

19:15 Arrival in Nea Moudania

20:00 Back to resorts
Daily "Toroneos" Cruises


Description: Daily "Toroneos" Cruises Our lazy Day Cruise


09.30 Departure from Paliouri with the ship `Agios Nikolaos`

10.30 Arrive at Toroni`s beach. Disembarkation of passengers and stopover there for 1h30.

12.30 Embarkation of passengers. Lunch will be served on board having as back round the beautiful nature of Sithonia and the blue of the gulf.

13.30 Departure after lunch to Neos Marmaras. Arrival at the village and stay for 1 hour.

14.00 Arrival at the village and stay for 1 hour.

15.00 We will leave behind New Marmaras and cruise for 30 minutes until Kelifos Island. We will stay at anchor for 1 hour and you will have the chance to dive from deck.

17.00 Arrival at Paliouri and that will be the end of the cruise.
The Greek Night


Description: In a typical Greek taverna we shall enjoy a glass of Ouzo - as a welcome aperitif, followed by a menu, including all traditional specialties and of course, Greek wine. While you enjoying the traditional Greek cooking, we will entertain you with folklore dances and bouzouki music.

Program: 19:15 Pick up from Hotels

20:00 Arrival to the Hotel

20:45 Buffet dinner Reach dinner with starters, main course (mixed Grill,Salads,etc..). Wine & refreshments are free of charge. Folklore dancers will initiate you on the tradition of Greece and the way of Greek entertainment.
Thessaloniki Tour


Description: A full day excursion, taking you to the second largest city in Greece, the capital city of Macedonia, with its historical sites and modern shops. The morning is spent as you wish, giving you the chance to do your shopping, or just browse around the bustling street market. On the second half of the day we shall proceed to show you the White Tower - the symbol of the city - followed by a visit to the Archaeological Museum, to see the exhibition of the world famous findings of Vergina. Afterwards, we shall pass by the Exhibition and the University area and proceed to the Citadel and the City Walls, from where a marvelous view of the city can be seen. We will, then, visit the St. Dimitrios Church and pass by the famous Gallerios Arch.
Blue Lagoon Cruise


Departure from Ormos Panagias
The traditional sailing “Saint George” departs every Tuesday and Friday from the port of Ormos Panagias at 9.30 in the morning; it heads for Megali Ammos Beach, on the island of Ammouliani, for a two hours swimming, relaxation and lunch

First-Stop at a small Island
The next stop is at the central harbor of island of Ammouliani for walks, having a coffee, or sightseeing at the Folklore Museum and the monastic church. We then leave Ammouliani island, accompanied with live bouzouki music and dancing.

Swimming at the clearest waters
Our last destination is the bay, where the boat Lagonissi stops in open blue water for 30 minutes, giving the opportunity to jump above the boat. Returning trip to the port of Ormos Panagias at approximately 17.15
Magnificent Sithonia


Let's spend a day in the beautiful Sithonia, the second peninsula of Halkidiki. Our first stop would be in N.Marmaras ,the most vivid village of Sithonia. There we will have free time to walk around or have a coffe. During our trip we will see the coast of the peninsula and we will have the opportunity to take pictures of the spectacular view. Our final stop will be in a stunning sandy beach. Here we will enjoy the sun and the sea,have fun on the beach and lunch in a beautiful tavern of the village. Early in the afternoon we will back in Thessaloniki